Thursday, 19 September 2019

The GUNDAM BASE LIMITED RG SINANJU [Metallic Gloss Injection]

Gundam Base Limited RG Sinanju

I did visited The Gundam Base Tokyo few months ago, and I brought back some gunpla kits.
This is my first attempt to build a gunpla set.
It is the gundam base limited edition RG Sinanju model. The different with normal model is it introduce Metallic Gloss injection color to the red color panel of the model. It look really shiny and cool if you ask me. This set will looks good even without any panel lining or coloring.
So it is the first gunpla kit I build.

Please watch my build video below Thanks:

Thanks for Watching.

RG Sinanju Metallic Gloss Injection.

RG Sinanju Gundam Base Limited.

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