Monday, 10 November 2014

DIY Ultra-Thin Wallet

I like to put my wallet in my front pocket, to be more comfortable, I need the wallet to be as thin as possible. This is what I come out with. A original design wallet with eco bag material
with 8 card slots and two money pockets. Since eco bag material is not so durable so I also build another one with cloth tape and hope it is more durable.

Blue and white color bag was used. Blue as main color and white as card separator.

Thickness comparison with standard wallet.

Thickness comparison with 8 cards and some cash.

After 2 years of use, it shows some wear and tear at the wallet corners.
so I have build another one with cloth tape.  

Cloth tape wallet

Since the material thickness has increase, I reduce the the wallet to 4 card slot and 2 cash pocket. 
Inside view
Thickness comparison with standard wallet.

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Ausini brick gun Magnum Revolver.

This is a lego compatible brick gun model set. It is from china manufacturer. The plastic use and moulding quality is not up to par. Anyway it does a good job as static model. but when you try to play with it, it tends to fall apart. 

blocks : 300 pcs.
ages : 6 +
difficulty level : 3 

I have done unboxing video, build video and manual video for it below:

Unboxing video:

Build time-lapse video:

Instruction manual:

Thanks for watching :-)

Ausini brick gun MP-45 corp

I have bought this very hard to get bricks set from China. Which is Lego compatible. But the plastic and mounding quality was no so good. You can see imperfection on the plastic surface and the bricks was not join together very well.

blocks : 268 pcs.
ages : 6 +
difficulty level : 3

I have done an unboxing video, a build video and instruction manual video as below:

Unboxing video:

Build time-lapse video:

Instruction Manual page by page video:

Thanks for watching :-)

Friday, 18 July 2014

How to build a Watch Stand with a credit card

Make your watch to become a table clock.
You might have your watch laying around your house when not wearing it, why not double it into a table clock with a few easy steps shown in video below.

Material needed:
- Used Credit card or discount card.
- Cloth tape or duct tape.
- Anti-slip mat.

- Marker pen.
- Hot-melt glue.
- Masking tape.
- Scissor.
- Lighter.

Stand with watch on
Front view

Back view

Build video below:

Thanks for Watching :-)

Monday, 30 June 2014

Transparent Origami Paper

I have bought a transparent origami paper from Daiso Japan outlet.
it should give some cool effect to any origami builded.
below are review of the origami paper and an example of the origami.

Inside the package include 30piece of transparent origami paper,
27 big piece (5.9x5.9inch) have 9 colors 3 each.
and 3 small piece (150x150mm) 3 colors.

Package front

Package back

Available colors

Unbox video below:

Origami samples:
Origami rocket with flash light shining on it.

Compare side by side with normal paper origami.

If you like to know how to fold the rocket please go to:

Thanks for reading :-)

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

How to build a PaperCraft Pyramid Puzzle

One day, I found a puzzle plan from ( ). It was a wooden puzzle project. 
I just have to turn it into a papercraft project so there it goes.

Start of by drawing all the parts with a 3d software, 
I am using Blender for this project.

Unfold it with pepakura designer.
and build the Prototype.

Glue all mating parts together.

Test out the Puzzle Pyramid solution. it WORKS !

 Finally add the texture and unfold all the parts with proper labeling.

Build video as below:

Download pattern HERE.

Monday, 24 March 2014

Lamborghini Aventador Papercraft Build Videos.

The Build video is finally UP ! on youtube.

It took me quite sometime to done it.
I have done a Detail build video of the Aventador paper craft.

In the video include some paper craft building tips and tricks.
Might not be the best way, but that is how I done it.

Please give any kind advise to improve my building process.

It is going to be a long video, so I have separate it to 5 parts video.
skip to any video as you wish.

[Part-1] : Introduction and front section assembly. 

[Part-2] : Middle section assembly. 

[Part-3] : Back section assembly. 

[Part-4] : Car Body assembly. 

[Part-5] : Undercarriage and Final assembly. 

Thanks for Watching :-)

Templates located at my 2013 Nov post

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Tuesday, 4 March 2014

How to fold an Origami Rocket

I can't remember where I learn this, but I know how to fold the rocket since I was a kid. 
so I make a fold video of it to share.

Please try it out and Thanks for watching :-) 

material: square paper of any size and colour.

Origami Rocket

Below are fold instruction video:

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

How to build a tripod mount for iPhone or any other smartphone for free with a credit card or discount card.

I alway take video with my smartphone, including this build video,
and this is how I do it with a DIY tripod mount.
In this video I will show you how to build a simple tripod mount for free
from just a credit card or discount card.
It allow the phone to tilt forward and backward but not side to side.

Material :  credit card or discount card, anti-slip mat (optional).

Tools : scissors, masking tape, ruler, pencil, pliers, lighter, glue.

On tripod
Front view
Top view

Build video below:

pattern and dimension:

Thursday, 20 February 2014

How to make a iPhone or mobile phone stand with adjustable angle from a single credit card.

I know many of you might need to stand your phone in an angle while viewing video or pictures from your phone. so here is a build video of mobile phone stand with adjustable angle, by using just a single credit card or discount card.
if you like to build one yourself, please get the pattern with dimensions below.
Hope it helps.

Material needed: any obsolete credit card or discount card.
tools needed: scissors, masking tape, ruler, pencil, pliers, lighter.

Front view
Back view

Build video below:
Thanks for Watching :-)

Pattern with dimensions.

If you are interested wood working, check this out !!

Click Here!

16000 Woodworking Projects

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

How to make a simple manual Display Turntable for video taking.

This is a quick build of simple and manual display turntable, it is for video shooting purpose only, it will need to be turn manually. It is suitable for small light display models.
The table rotation might not be very smooth, but with a few practice, it might be good enough for video shooting.
In future, i might figure a way to put an electric motor into it. :-)

material: CD/DVD-R box, card board, thread, tape.

Display Turntable.

Turntable with model on top.

Build instruction, please watch video below:

Thanks for watching. :-)