Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Minions PaperCraft

Oh yes, the Minions, introduction not required.
I build it from the template found from
direct link at: Minions Papercraft template

My build timelapse video below:

Thanks for Watching :-)

Minions Paper Craft

Friday, 22 May 2015

Lamborghini Huracan PaperCraft.

This is the model Lamborghini offered to replace the Gallardo.
The looks of the Huracan might be subdued compare to aventador, but the clean line and design has a simple kind of elegance to it, which still appealing the more you look at it.
Spec of the real car:
0-62mph 3.2sec; Top speed 202mph
Power 602bhp; Power-to-weight 393bhp/tonne
too bad my paper model can't even move :p
Huracan papercraft.
Huracan and Aventador papercraft.
Huracan paper craft
Material and tools I used to build build this model are: 
180gm A4 paper
White glue
Color printer
and a lot of patients.

Please watch the build time-lapse video below:

I did rebuild this model in smaller scale 1:15, if you are interested
please go the the blog page:

Download Template HERE:


Please refer to the build time-lapse on how to make it, more detail build video coming soon...
stay tune.

For more Paid model pls visit:

You can refer to a more detail build video below, which is a slow down version of the time-lapse.
Part 1

Part 2

Thanks for Watching :-)

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