Monday, 16 March 2015

Lego 31034 - Macross valkyrie alternate build.

This design is based on fighter jet valkyrie from the Japanese Animation "Macross".
I have try to design the transformation as accurate as possible. But with the limited parts and joints in set 31034, this is the best I can do. It can transform between fighter jet mode, gerwalk mode and battroid mode.
The playability of this model is almost none, it tends to break apart when I try move it. 
Well, at least it has the looks that I satisfied with.

Please watch the transformation video below:

Build instruction video in LDD below:

Hope you like it, let me know if you would like to build it.
Thanks for watching :-)

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Lego 31024 alternate build Trike bike.

This is a very creative design from Peteris Sporgis source :
The model look very nice and it has a working steering.
I have reverse engineer it from the photo at
It actually have two version, one is the off-road trike and the chopper trike.
The one I build here is the chopper trike.
Is a very easy build, I have the instruction in video below:
owner of this design has claim the copyright of the instruction.
Thanks for watching :-)

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Lego 31030 build and review.

I have bought myself the set 31030 because of the cute Go-Kart which looks like Mario Kart, further more it has a awesome steering functions.
It is a 3 in 1 model set, I have build all three of them and an extra alternate Buggy model here.

Below are the videos:

Thanks for Watching :-)

Monday, 2 March 2015

Lego Buggy 31030 alternate build.

How to build a lego Buggy from set 31030.
I Use only bricks from 31030. This set has about 106 bricks and a cool steering function, I manage to create a buggy our of it but without the steering function.
Please try to build it if you have this set.

Please watch instruction video below:

Thanks for Watching :-)

LOZ diamond blocks animals.

There are about 11 models in the diamond blocks animal series, and
I have bought 7 of them from my local store which looks more presentable.
Loz diamond block is 4 time smaller then lego bricks, as shown in comparison below:
Los block at the left, lego brick at right.
Below are all the quick build and review videos:

Thanks for Watching :-)