Sunday, 5 January 2020

Kamikara Mouse - Mechanical Paper Craft Toys.

Happy New Year 2020 !!! According to Chinese Zodiac, this year is the Mouse year. So let's build a Mouse Kamikara Designed by

Kamikara Cheese
Kamikara Mouse
 Please watch the build video below:

Template here:
(* Click the "Skip AD" at the top right corner when the countdown end to download the file.)

Friday, 3 January 2020

How to Apply Screen Protector Like a Pro.

Apply Screen protector like a Pro.

Ok let's apply the screen protector, just follow the steps. Try to clean the screen the best you can, will get good result every time.

Thanks for Watching :-)

Sticky Note Spinning Top - Post-it Note Origami

Sticky note Spinning Top.

When you feel boring in the office, here are something for you to play with.

How to fold video below:

Hope you like it :-)

Led Cube with Animated Light show.

Led Cube 
Led Cube

Is been a long while didn't do any electronics project. Now, I'm back making the Led Cube.
The cube use 4x4x4 LEDs dual color Blue and Red, which will form the third color purple.

Please watch the build video and light show at the end:

Thanks for Watching :-)

Minimalist Ring Box, Push to Open Mechanism with hidden buttons - made from cardboard.

Push to Open Ring Box with hidden button.

Minimalist Ring Box - Opened.

Minimalist Ring Box - Closed.
I always wanted a minimalist and simple ring box, I just can't find one that suit my need, so I build it myself. It looks like a plain box when it is closed, by pushing the hidden button, it will open by itself.
I think it is very cool. I can access the ring very fast and easy.

Please watch the build video below:

How to make Paper ball

I found 2 ways to make paper ball, I just want to share with you guys.

paper craft
Paper Ball

Please watch the video below on how to make it.

Thanks for watching :-)

Thursday, 19 September 2019

How to make a money eating monster Coin Box.

money save
Coin Box Monster - Domo

As the title imply, let's get it build, some how it end up look like Domo-kun,
Build video below:

Thanks for Watching.

Material I use to build it are:
- some Cardboard.
- some Popsicle sticks.
- some skewer.
- 502 super glue.
- White glue/ wood glue.
- a Rubber band 
- Color markers.

And some basic tools.