Friday, 8 September 2017

3 Ways to Fold Origami Box.

how to fold origami boxes simple
3 ways to fold Origami Box

I have found these origami box is quite useful. So I compile 3 version of boxes into one video. The first box is bigger in size but the side wall is a bit thin, you can use it to put some candy and treats.
The second box is a taller, can use to keep something taller obviously. and the third box was smaller but stronger, I usually use it as a temporary container while working on small parts. You can also use the combination of those box as an organizer container in your drawer.
Below is the how to fold video:

How to make an Origami Gift box.

Paper Box
Origami Gift Box with cover.

This is an easy fold of an origami gift box with cover. You can use it to put any small gift or jewelry.
I have use normal origami color paper, but you can use thicker paper to have a stronger box.
below is the how to fold video:
Thanks for watching :-)

Hope you like it. ^_^

Friday, 18 August 2017

Subaru Impreza WRC 2000 PaperCraft.

This the paper craft of Subaru rally car year 2000, I think it is a very good looking car.
Its not a easy model to build, but it really worth all the effort. The result looks better than I thought.
It is a well design pepakura model. Thanks to the designer at "eastern's toy-box".

Paper Craft Rally car 3d model front view
Subaru WRC 2000 PaperCraft (front view)
Paper craft rally car model rear view
Subaru WRC 2000 PaperCraft (rear view)

Below is my build video of the model:

Thanks for Watching :-)

You can download the templates here: 
Page1, Page2, Page3 and Instruction (*I have darken the windscreen & windows)

Or at original website "eastern's toy-box"

Material used:
- 180gm A4 paper, Print with ink-jet printer.
- Elmer's multipurpose white glue.

Thursday, 27 July 2017

14 in 1 Educational Solar Robot Kit.

This is the 14 in 1 Solar Robot Kit made in China. I have purchase this set online from I thought it might be crap but turns out to be Ok.
It can be rebuild into 14 types of robot: Turtle bot, Walker bot, Quadru bot, Wheel bot, Boat bot, Beetle bot, Dog bot, Auto bot, Crab bot, Slither bot, Roli poly bot, Zombie bot, Surf bot and Row bot.
Since it is too many of them to be able to fit in a video, so I will separate it into 3 videos.

14 in 1 Educational Solar Robot Kit Review.

Part 1 of the build and review video below:
Thanks for watching :-)

Part 2 of the build and review video below:
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Part 3 video below:

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Friday, 14 July 2017

Cute Pikachu Origami from Sticky Notes.

I have fold this Pikachu cube from a Yellow Sticky note.
It is very cute and only take a few minutes to fold.
Good kids origami or if you are bored in the office.
Cute pikachu origami
Sticky Note Pikachu Origami
pokemon origami pikachu sticky note
Pikachu Origami

Please watch the folding instruction below:

Thanks for Watching :-)

Thursday, 29 June 2017

Strandbeest KIT Unbox and Build.

I'm always fascinated with Theo Jansen's Strandbeest. It was an amazing piece of engineering.
I never seen one in real life, Until now, I got myself a Strandbeest model Kit. OK, is not as big as the real one but it do move like the real one, very interesting.
Please watch the unboxing and build video of the Strandbeest below :

Thanks for watching :-)
Strandbeest model kit
Strandbeest Kit

If you are interested in getting one yourself here is the link to the website:

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Fidget Spinner with popsicle sticks - without using Bearing

Just found out that fidget spinner was invented since 1993, I wonder why it didn't took off during that time. And I also don't know why it is so popular now. If you know the reason please put your comment below.
The fidget spinner, not sure if it is called fidget spinner back then, it was marketed as stress-relieving toys. It is used to help people who have trouble focusing those with ADHD, autism or anxiety. But some say the toy might be distracting
Anyway, I think it serve no purpose what so ever. To find out I build one myself with popsicle sticks.

fidget spinner from popsicle sticks paper clip
DIY Fidget Spinner from popsicle sticks

Below is the build video:
Thanks for Watching :-)

It was fun spinning it spin but just for a while, anyway I still not sure what why it is so popular.
maybe it will help ADHD individual, I'm not sure.