Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Glaceon Papercraft from Pokemon

Glaceon is generation IV pokemon evolved from Eevee.
This is the paper craft designed by Tenpepakura.
Pokemon Papercraft
Glaceon PaperCraft

Please watch Build video below:

Thanks for Watching :-)

Download Template here: Glaceon_Template.

Material used:
180gm A4 paper (print with ink-jet printer)
Normal Paper white glue.

Saturday, 27 May 2017

Leafeon PaperCraft Pokemon

Leafeon is a Pokemon evolved from Eevee.
This is another paper craft design by Tenpepakura.

eevee evolutions
Leafeon Paper craft Pokemon

Please watch the build video below:
Thanks for Watching :-)

Download Template here: Leafeon Template 

180gm A4 paper (print with inkjet printer)
Paper white glue

Umbreon PaperCraft Pokemon

In pokemon series, Umbreon is an pokemon evolved from Eevee.
This is the paper craft design by Tenpepakura.

pokemon evolution eevee
Umbreon PaperCraft Pokemon

Below is my build Video:

Thanks for Watching :-)

You can download the Template here: Umbreon Template

Material used:
180gm A4 paper ( print with inkjet printer)
Paper white glue

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Shelby GT350R 1965

This is the 1965 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350R PaperCraft, Design by K.SHINOZAKI
model scale 1/25, about L185mm x W75mm.

Shelby GT350 R PaperCraft (Front View).
The actual Shelby GT350 featured 306 hp courtesy of its modified K-code 289cid V8 engine. This was 35 horses more than that offered in the standard 289cid engine.
The car also featured a Holly carburetor, Cobra valve covers, and a special Cobra hi-rise intake manifold. It also featured a four-speed manual transmission and side-exhaust pipes fitted with two-inch Glasspak mufflers. Most notably, the 1965 GT350 had no rear seat. This was because SCCA B Production requirements only permitted two-seater cars. In its place was a fiberglass floor, with a spare tire mounted beneath the rear glass.
The 1965 G.T. 350 was not built for comfort or ease of driving. There were 34 "G.T. 350R" race-spec cars built specifically for competition use under SCCA rules, and the model was the B-Production champion for three straight years. The 1966 G.T. 350 had featured more comfort of casual drivers that included rear seats, optional colors, and an optional automatic transmission. This trend for additional features continued in following years, with the cars becoming progressively larger, heavier, and more comfortable, while losing much of their competitiveness in the process. The 1969 G.T. 350s and 500s were largely styling modifications to a stock Mustang. By 1969 Carroll Shelby was no longer involved in the Shelby GT program, and the design was done in-house by Ford.
Shelby GT350 PaperCraft (Rear View).

Please watch detail build video of the model below:

Thanks for watching :-)

You can download the template here:



A4 paper 180 gm 
Paper Glue ( elmer's white glue)