Thursday, 28 September 2017

Iris Mechanism Camera Photo Card - Great Valentine's Day DIY

This is a very cool Iris mechanism Photo Card made of paper card stock. it is great to be use as valentines day gift card or for any other special occasion.

This is the paper iris mechanism design from
I have done some decoration to make it looks like a camera.
Use your imagination, you can make it into any interesting project.
I'm using 180gsm paper.

The Iris mechanism Design files available here:
or you can download it directly here: Iris Mechanism template

iris spiral opening card
Iris mechanism using paper card stock.

valentine's day DIY
Iris mechanism Valentine's day DIY gift card.

Please watch my build video below:

Thanks for watching :-)

Friday, 8 September 2017

3 Ways to Fold Origami Box.

how to fold origami boxes simple
3 ways to fold Origami Box

I have found these origami box is quite useful. So I compile 3 version of boxes into one video. The first box is bigger in size but the side wall is a bit thin, you can use it to put some candy and treats.
The second box is a taller, can use to keep something taller obviously. and the third box was smaller but stronger, I usually use it as a temporary container while working on small parts. You can also use the combination of those box as an organizer container in your drawer.
Below is the how to fold video:

How to make an Origami Gift box.

Paper Box
Origami Gift Box with cover.

This is an easy fold of an origami gift box with cover. You can use it to put any small gift or jewelry.
I have use normal origami color paper, but you can use thicker paper to have a stronger box.
below is the how to fold video:
Thanks for watching :-)

Hope you like it. ^_^