Monday, 30 June 2014

Transparent Origami Paper

I have bought a transparent origami paper from Daiso Japan outlet.
it should give some cool effect to any origami builded.
below are review of the origami paper and an example of the origami.

Inside the package include 30piece of transparent origami paper,
27 big piece (5.9x5.9inch) have 9 colors 3 each.
and 3 small piece (150x150mm) 3 colors.

Package front

Package back

Available colors

Unbox video below:

Origami samples:
Origami rocket with flash light shining on it.

Compare side by side with normal paper origami.

If you like to know how to fold the rocket please go to:

Thanks for reading :-)

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

How to build a PaperCraft Pyramid Puzzle

One day, I found a puzzle plan from ( ). It was a wooden puzzle project. 
I just have to turn it into a papercraft project so there it goes.

Start of by drawing all the parts with a 3d software, 
I am using Blender for this project.

Unfold it with pepakura designer.
and build the Prototype.

Glue all mating parts together.

Test out the Puzzle Pyramid solution. it WORKS !

 Finally add the texture and unfold all the parts with proper labeling.

Build video as below:

Download pattern HERE.