Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Lykan Hypersport PaperCraft

My next project will be a Lykan Hypersport PaperCraft. This papercraft was design by Wongday from Big Thanks to Wongday for the great design. Anyway, I have do some modification to the color scheme of the model and I decided to build the model in half the size of the original template suggested. So I print 2 page of the template into one page of A4 paper. The scale of the finish model will be about 1:15.
Lykan HyperSport PaperCraft (front view)
Lykan HyperSport PaperCraft (rear view)

Lykan Hypersport papercraft print out.

Cutting out the templates.

After I score and fold all the folding lines, I'm ready to build it.
Assembly in progress...

I have assembled the Front and rear section.
Rear and Front section.

And the Roof section.
Roof section.

I have completed the build of the model,
Please watch the build video Part 1 below:

Part 2 Below:

This is not an easy model to make, especially in this scale, so I recommend to build it in bigger original scale.


You can download the original template from or
Download my modified version here: 
Half scale (as in my build video): Page1, Page2, Page3, Page4, Page5, Page6, Page7, Page8
                                                      Page9, Page10, wheels instruction.
*(After you click the link there will be a count down at top right corner then click "skip ad")

Original scale : Page1Page2Page3Page4Page5Page6Page7Page8, Page9Page10
                         Page11Page12, Page13, Page14, Page15, Page16, Page17, Page18, Page19
                         Page20, wheels instruction.

Pdo file here: Lykan .pdo file 

(.pdo file can be open only by Pepakura viewer, if you using a Mac pls watch this video on how to install it)


Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Paper Windmill DIY for Kids. (without pin)

This is a great project for kindergarten kids and I'm going to do it for the kids.
Usually I will use a pin as the windmill axle, but I think it might be a little bit dangerous for the younger kids. So I use the softer aluminum Craft wire instead.
While making the first windmill, I found the Photos App icon also looks like a windmill.
So, I make another one just look like it, it is the "Photos App Windmill".   (^_^)

paper craft photos app windmill
Paper Windmill DIY
Please watch build tutorial below:
Thanks for Watching.

Material used:
- Dual color origami paper or normal color paper.
- A Drinking Straw.
- About an inch of aluminum craft wire or paperclip.

- scissors
- safety pin
- paper glue
- needle nose plier.

Monday, 19 March 2018

Folding Smart Key holder DIY - very easy.

KeyBar Do it Yourself
DIY Folding Key

I always put my keys in the pocket and the keys have all those sharp edges that will tear a hold in my pocket. To solve the problem, I created the key holder inspired by KeySmart or KeyBar. Of Course, those products look more elegant and well build. But why not make one myself for practically FREE.
Since I have all the parts laying around somewhere in my room.

Material needed are just:
2 popsicle sticks,
1 file fastener and
4 rubber washer or a non-slip mat.

Please watch the video below on how to build it:

Thanks for watching :-)
hope you enjoy it.

Thursday, 8 March 2018

Lamborghini HURACAN PaperCraft re-build in 1:15 scale.

paper model 3d paper pepakura
Huracan Papercraft

I have rebuild the same Huracan papercraft model, because there are many request for the build video of the air scoop of this model Because it is off camera on the last video.
But, I half the size of the model to 1:15 scale on this build, to make sure every step in within the camera viewfinder.

Below is the build video of this model:

Thanks for watching :-)

If you are interested in the bigger model please go to :

Template Download here: