Wednesday, 18 September 2019

Visit to THE GUNDAM BASE TOKYO at Diver City Plaze in Odaiba Tokyo.

Not long ago, I have visited Tokyo Japan for a few days. One of the must go interesting place in tokyo is Odaiba. Odaiba is popular shopping and entertainment district a man made island in Tokyo Bay.
Most important is that, a "Life size" Gundam Statue is stand tall there, in front of Diver City Tokyo Plaza. In the plaza there is "The Gundam Base Tokyo" (world biggest Gunpla store). You can find any gunpla there and also the limited gundam base edition gunpla.

Gundam 1:1 scale gundam base tokyo
Life size Unicorn Gundam in front of Diver City Plaze Odaiba Tokyo.

Unicorn Gundam gunpla
Unicorn Gundam Front View
Unicorn Gundam Rear View

Some photo of the visit and Unicorn Gundam day time transformation video:

The show time of the life size Unicorn Gundam as of 2019 May.
Life size Unicorn Gundam Show schedule.
The show at 7:30 [GUNDAM 40th Special Movie]

You have to go and see it for yourself, it is huge and majestic.

I do buy a Gundam Base Limited edition kits there, and please watch its build video below:

Thanks for Watching.

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