Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Lykan Hypersport PaperCraft

My next project will be a Lykan Hypersport PaperCraft. This papercraft was design by Wongday from Big Thanks to Wongday for the great design. Anyway, I have do some modification to the color scheme of the model and I decided to build the model in half the size of the original template suggested. So I print 2 page of the template into one page of A4 paper. The scale of the finish model will be about 1:15.
Lykan HyperSport PaperCraft (front view)
Lykan HyperSport PaperCraft (rear view)

Lykan Hypersport papercraft print out.

Cutting out the templates.

After I score and fold all the folding lines, I'm ready to build it.
Assembly in progress...

I have assembled the Front and rear section.
Rear and Front section.

And the Roof section.
Roof section.

I have completed the build of the model,
Please watch the build video Part 1 below:

Part 2 Below:

This is not an easy model to make, especially in this scale, so I recommend to build it in bigger original scale.


You can download the original template from or
Download my modified version here: 
Half scale (as in my build video): Page1, Page2, Page3, Page4, Page5, Page6, Page7, Page8
                                                      Page9, Page10, wheels instruction.
*(After you click the link there will be a count down at top right corner then click "skip ad")

Original scale : Page1Page2Page3Page4Page5Page6Page7Page8, Page9Page10
                         Page11Page12, Page13, Page14, Page15, Page16, Page17, Page18, Page19
                         Page20, wheels instruction.

Pdo file here: Lykan .pdo file 

(.pdo file can be open only by Pepakura viewer, if you using a Mac pls watch this video on how to install it)