Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Paper Windmill DIY for Kids. (without pin)

This is a great project for kindergarten kids and I'm going to do it for the kids.
Usually I will use a pin as the windmill axle, but I think it might be a little bit dangerous for the younger kids. So I use the softer aluminum Craft wire instead.
While making the first windmill, I found the Photos App icon also looks like a windmill.
So, I make another one just look like it, it is the "Photos App Windmill".   (^_^)

paper craft photos app windmill
Paper Windmill DIY
Please watch build tutorial below:
Thanks for Watching.

Material used:
- Dual color origami paper or normal color paper.
- A Drinking Straw.
- About an inch of aluminum craft wire or paperclip.

- scissors
- safety pin
- paper glue
- needle nose plier.

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