Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Pumpkin Popup Paper Bomb - Great Halloween DIY

The Pumpkin will popup and surprise your family and friends.
It is a Great Halloween DIY project. It is really a fun project.

The design was inspired by Haruki Nakamura's karakuri paper animal toys.

karakuri paper craft
Pumpkin Paper Bomb Squashed.

paper craft karakuri pepakura that move
Pumpkin Paper Bomb.

Please watch the build video below:

Thanks for watching :-)

- The paper I'm using in this video is 210gsm A4 paper.
   180 to 210 gsm paper can be used.
- A rubber band with diameter about 1.5" .
- A paperclip as a tools to install the rubber band.

Template download link here:
Page 1 , Page 2


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  3. hey! I saw this type of papercraft in a top 10 list, but couldn't find it anywhere :( But you made one! i am really happy and excited to make more of these, so please do some more crafts like this :)
    thank you!

  4. thanks but can you do a lineless version too? I like this one too but it is more aesthetically pleasing if its smooth in color :)

  5. Really fantastic.keep doing .Pl prepare more templates to make such toys.

  6. Hi i am wondering where the templates are?

  7. Hi, i'm not able to download templatešŸ˜“