Monday, 19 November 2018

Range Rover Velar PaparCraft

I personally think Range Rover Velar is a really good looking car. Many people do agree with me since it won the 2018 World Car Design Of The Year Awards. It is a visual masterpiece. In flesh, it is stunning to look at. I hope I do replicated its good look in my paper craft model.
Its scale is 1:18.

Range Rover Velar PaperCraft

Range Rover Velar
Velar Paper Craft front view.
Range rover Velar
Velar Paper Craft rear right view 

Land Rover
Velar Papar Craft rear left view

Please watch the build video below:
Thanks for Watching ^_^

Download Template here:
Velar PaperCraft template.pdf  (* No instruction available, just watch the build video.)