Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Fidget Spinner with popsicle sticks - without using Bearing

Just found out that fidget spinner was invented since 1993, I wonder why it didn't took off during that time. And I also don't know why it is so popular now. If you know the reason please put your comment below.
The fidget spinner, not sure if it is called fidget spinner back then, it was marketed as stress-relieving toys. It is used to help people who have trouble focusing those with ADHD, autism or anxiety. But some say the toy might be distracting
Anyway, I think it serve no purpose what so ever. To find out I build one myself with popsicle sticks.

fidget spinner from popsicle sticks paper clip
DIY Fidget Spinner from popsicle sticks

Below is the build video:
Thanks for Watching :-)

It was fun spinning it spin but just for a while, anyway I still not sure what why it is so popular.
maybe it will help ADHD individual, I'm not sure.

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