Sunday, 8 January 2017

Ford EcoSport PaperCraft

Ford EcoSport, It is not a very popular SUV, but I think it is very good looking little car. It has the rugged looks, spare tire hanging at the back. Just love it. Its performance might not be as good as it looks, but I think people who buy this car will just use it in the city, do some grocery or school run.
Is good enough.

This PaperCraft is from the ford japan website, but it was not accessible right now.

You can download the template here:
Template pdf
instruction pdf

Please watch the build video below on how I build it:

Thanks for Watching :-)

Material used:
180gm A4 paper print with color printer.
Elmer's paper glue.
color pencils.

ford ecosport Paper model
Ford EcoSport PaperCraft (front view)

ford ecosport paper model
Ford EcoSport PaperCraft (Rear View)