Wednesday, 30 March 2016

TIE-Fighter and TIE-Interceptor PaperCraft Build.

TIE-Fighter and TIE-Interceptor, they are the single-pilot vehicle of the bad guy in the Star Wars movie. Most probably you know it better than me.

So below are the PaperCraft version of them, plus build videos:
Tie-Fighter and Tie-Interceptor paper model.

Part 1 - Building of TIE-Fighter

Part 2 - Building the TIE-Interceptor

Material used:
- 160gm ~ 180gm paper. (I am using 180gm matte A4 paper in the video)
- Elmer's School, Glue-All white glue, or any white glue for paper and wood you can find in your local book store.

These papercraft are designed by Shunichi Makino
TIE-Fighter      Download : Cockpit, Side wing (x4)
TIE-Interceptor Download : Cockpit, Side wing (x2)
Stands Download : Stands