Sunday, 19 July 2015

1911 papercraft gun - classic pistol

paper model 3d paper
Classic 1911 PaperCraft

paper craft gun
Classic 1911 PaperCraft disassembled

This is the papercraft that you can actually build it yourself !!

This paper model is design by Horborginc, you can download the template from link:
or here:
Page 1, Page 2, Page 3, Page 4, Page 5, Page 6, Page 7 and Page 8

If you would like to build the modernized version, you can download the template here:
Page1, Page2, page3, page4, page5, page6, page7 and Page8.

Thanks to Horborginc for the design.
It is a good design and lots of effort being put in. 
however, I think this paper model is not computer designed, so some of the part doesn't fit very well,
especially where there is curvature.
Anyway, it does the job and it is free. Thanks again.

There are also many other free paper model guns template, at that webpage.
You can try to build all of them.

I am using:
180gm paper print out from a inkjet printer.
and white glue to glue it all together.

It has working slide, hammer, slide stop and removable magazine.

Please check out the build and review video below:

As always, Thanks for watching :-)

Full build time-lapse video below:
Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

Thanks for Watching :-)