Friday, 24 April 2015

How to make a Toothpick Crossbow Pistol with credit card.

Please watch the build video below:

Material use in this mini crossbow pistol:
2x Credit cards, 
1x hair pin, 
1x paperclip, 
1x string,
some masking tape and paper.
Toothpick as the projectile.

Tools I use:
Scissor, pliers, Hot-melt glue, paper glue, pencil, ruler. lighter.

This mini crossbow might not be so powerful but still dangerous, please don't hurt yourself or shoot at any living things. The crossbow has a pistol like trigger and I have made a stand for it. 

* Caution * - Please wear safety glasses while operating the crossbow, projectile might bounce back from any surface. 
Adult supervision is advised when using the device. There might be other risks that I am not aware of.

Use the video content at your own risk.

Thanks for Watching :-)
Toothpick Crossbow

Template or pattern for the cards below:

Card #1

Card #2
*Please take precaution and wear safety glasses while building and operating the crossbow.
Thank you :-)

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