Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Ausini brick gun MP-45 corp

I have bought this very hard to get bricks set from China. Which is Lego compatible. But the plastic and mounding quality was no so good. You can see imperfection on the plastic surface and the bricks was not join together very well.

blocks : 268 pcs.
ages : 6 +
difficulty level : 3

I have done an unboxing video, a build video and instruction manual video as below:

Unboxing video:

Build time-lapse video:

Instruction Manual page by page video:

Thanks for watching :-)


  1. can send me the tutorial more spesifik..i try to do but still confused..even the first part..huhu..please

    1. If you are trying to build it with lego parts, I think the best is to follow the page by page instruction manual, that I posted above or http://youtu.be/hNKG_bGHInQ
      , thanks you.

  2. where can you buy it from

    1. I buy it from my local store, but i saw it on aliexpress.com the other day, it is like eBay in china, please look for a reputable seller to buy from. Thanks.