Monday, 24 March 2014

Lamborghini Aventador Papercraft Build Videos.

The Build video is finally UP ! on youtube.

It took me quite sometime to done it.
I have done a Detail build video of the Aventador paper craft.

In the video include some paper craft building tips and tricks.
Might not be the best way, but that is how I done it.

Please give any kind advise to improve my building process.

It is going to be a long video, so I have separate it to 5 parts video.
skip to any video as you wish.

[Part-1] : Introduction and front section assembly. 

[Part-2] : Middle section assembly. 

[Part-3] : Back section assembly. 

[Part-4] : Car Body assembly. 

[Part-5] : Undercarriage and Final assembly. 

Thanks for Watching :-)

Templates located at my 2013 Nov post

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