Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Lego Jeep wrangler technic 42029 C-model

I use only parts from lego 42029, since I only have this set at the time.It might not be perfect, but with limited parts this is the best I can made out of it. 
It is an easy modification, it has the same chassis as A-model but shortened. 
same gearing mechanism as well, but back tipping mechanism was not use.
I think, by refer the the photo and video below you should be able to replicate the model.

Front view

Rear view
Model that I refer to

Watch Video below:

Build Instructions Photos:

This cabin part build follow the instruction book 1 page 40 ~ 55, steps 1~35 with some changes to 
step 21~34, will show in the later process. Dashboard page63~66, 77~78, steps 6~16.
Front grill.

Front side panel.

Join front section to cabin

Car hood and wind screen.
Chairs were shift 2 slot back, with rearrangement of the pins.

Side guard and B pilar, Do the same to the right side.

Notice the length of the side bar is different, cause the lack of parts. Right bar is longer the the left one.

Doors and god hand steering.

Back Chair assembly.
Back Gate assembly. 

Complete Body Assembly.

Rear axle assembly, follow book 1 page 3~8, steps 1~14
Custom rear chassis assembly.

Front chassis assembly, follow page 21~32, steps 1~21 and Engine assembly page 79~84, steps 1~15. without the engine top air intake. -step 11
Front axle and winch assembly at book 2 page 6~22.
Joining the front and back chassis, transmission bar. 
Push in all 4 connection pins.
Final assembly should look like this.

Head lamp assembly.
Front grille guard assembly.
Mount head lamp and grille guard to chassis.
Mating Body to Chassis, connect the steering rod.
Connecting the winch transmission bar.
Push in connecting pins at dash board.
Push in connection pins at front grille.
Finally Push in 4 pins below the cabin.


  1. Please provide instructions for this MOC

    1. I am new to this, do you have a fast and easy way to make an instruction?

    2. No problem, I really like this MOC and would love to recreate it!

      Maybe listing the steps that you use in the instructions? For any steps you don't follow, provide a photo?

      Here is an example of an easy to follow MOC:


    3. Thanks, just give me some time.
      I am busy this few days.

    4. Take your time, I am patient to wait for this.

      Thank you!

    5. The photo instruction is ready. :-)

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  3. I build it with the same Lego set. Works great.

    1. Hello, can you send me build instructions i would like to build this model thanks a lot

    2. Hello, I'm trying to find the original instructions, and name, model # for the original, any one have this info?

  4. Hello, can you send me build instructions i would like to build this model thanks a lot