Wednesday, 18 June 2014

How to build a PaperCraft Pyramid Puzzle

One day, I found a puzzle plan from ( ). It was a wooden puzzle project. 
I just have to turn it into a papercraft project so there it goes.

Start of by drawing all the parts with a 3d software, 
I am using Blender for this project.

Unfold it with pepakura designer.
and build the Prototype.

Glue all mating parts together.

Test out the Puzzle Pyramid solution. it WORKS !

 Finally add the texture and unfold all the parts with proper labeling.

Build video as below:

Download pattern HERE or here.


  1. Hi try to download from the link but the link show nothing... can you help me
    perhaps you can sent the template to

    1. Opps, the link is being update, please try to download again.
      Thanks for your interest to build the puzzle.

  2. Hi i want to ask. I tried to print out the design by clicking the template. Can i ask how to you print it once you press the "click here"? When i tried to print, i do not get the full page printed it out, is there a way to solve it? Thank you!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

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  8. Hi there! I'd love to be able to download the template that you have above, but when I click on the link provided I can't find the template anywhere. Is there a way you could email me a PDF? Please and thank you! :)